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500 Watt Electronic Orbital All-Purpose Saw Ps E 0525
For sawing wood, plastics, plasterboard, metals...
Lock-on button
Aluminum die cast saw blade guide with plastic trays
Axially adjustable stopper for limiting cutting length & longer blade life Vario Constamatic (VC) full-wave electronics
Thumbwheel for preselection of number of strokes 4-level pendulum blade movement
Auto-stop carbon brushes
Multi-purpose machine that will accept a comprehensive range of saw blades Specification: Torque 7 Nm Strokes at no load 500 - 2.500 /min Rated
input power 500 W
Output power 310 W Sawing blade stroke 25 mm Weight (excluding mains lead) 2,8 kg
Scope of delivery:
Flexible HAS saw blade
Hexagonal spanner

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