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Transtig DC150-1 & DC200-1


The distinctive design of the latest Transtig is the key to the ability of these machines to survive in the toughest of industrial environments. IP23 protection ensures their suitability for outdoor usage. These machines also offer an array of features, which together, ensure the highest possible TIG and MMA welding performance from machines of this class. Transtigs can also be programmed with up to four sets of welding parameters, two for TIG and two for MMA.

• Sturdy design capable of withstanding tough environments
• Fully featured professional welding machines
• Superb TIG and MMA welding characteristics
• Multifunction digital display enables accurate presetting
• Adjustable current slope and gas time functions
• Pulsed DC TIG functions
• Facility for memorising and storing parameters
• High frequency or lift arc ignitions
• Full remote functions for foot control etc
• Packages supplied with Transtig Power Source, TIG torch, work return cable, regulator and flowmeter

Technical data DC150-1 DC 200-1
Mains Supply/Phase
230/1 50/60Hz 230/1 50.60Hz
Fuse (slow), A at 120A 16A 16A
Mains Cable (mm2) 2.5 4.0
Permitted Load at (TIG):
25% duty cycle   200A (150A MMA)
35% duty cycle 150A 180A (140A MMA)
60% duty cycle 120A 140A (110A MMA)
100% duty cycle 95A 120A
Setting range TIG, A 3-150 3-200
Setting range MMA, A 4-150 4-150
Open circuit voltage, V 60-75 60-75
Post Gas, sec 0-10 0.10
Slope down, sec 0-10 0-10
Enclosure Class IP23C IP23C
Application classification S S
Standards IEC60974-1
LxWxD mm 380-x180x300 380x180x300
Weight kg 8.2 8.2

Ordering Information

Transtig DC 150-1 Package 1416530
Transtig DC 200-1 Package 1416531

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